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You can come to the July meeting in person at Riverbend Church
Doors open at 6PM
Don't bring food

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3rd Saturday of Each Month at 7:00pm on

Our monthly, in-person meetings typically drew upward of 700 people who sat rapt as speaker after speaker from all over the country shared their riveting testimony. In the age of Covid, our online Zoom meetings draw almost as many...and whether in-person or on-line, each meeting means more friendships made, new partnerships in the fight, more sponsors and sponsees finding each other, and more positive messages of sobriety reaching all over Austin and the Central Texas area!

Sign up now and become part of our warm, supportive community. You'll find help here and man, do we help "Keep Austin Weird"...whoohaa!! Austin Citywide has been helping Central Texas drunks and their families since 2006 and we know how it feels to be alone. We KNOW what hopelessness feels like. We KNOW the struggle of "One Day at a Time". We ARE you, and some of us WERE you, but ALL of us want to bring you forward into a new life of sobriety!

You ain't beat 'til you quit. As long as you don't quit, you ain't beat yet! Sign up today and let us help. We all have our stories...and we want to hear yours.


Next Meeting

Saturday, July 17th @ 7:00pm
Speaker:  Terri L. 
(from Northland)
Riverbend doors open at 6PM.
Don't bring food.

Cant wait to see you
at our next event!!
July 17th
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Pass:  CW16

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